So like...what is this?

We’re the Super PAC that mocks Republican incumbents and supports the Democrats who are going to send their asses packing.

There’s a lot of organizations out there doing incredible work (and even more that are being abso-fucking-lutely evil). We’re cutting through the noise by taking a different, more in-your-face approach to social media, merch, and donor outreach.

bUt ArEn’T sUpEr PaCs BaD?

Let’s be real: Super PACs are, in fact, hot garbage. 

They keep the wealthy and connected in power with ZERO accountability or transparency. That’s why we made one—to please our corporate overlords.

Jk! We made one to put an end to the dumpster fire and level the playing field for candidates who wouldn’t have the resources to run otherwise because know...racism and sexism. 

If we get this right, there won’t be any more Super PACs. So please, for the love of God, help us lose our jobs. We hate it here. 

Let's spank the system.


Paid for by PAC That Ass, Not Authorized by Any Candidate or Committee